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Gamblerkey People: What People Think About The Legalization Of Gambling In Ukraine

Our friends and partners – the information gambling portal GamblerKey – are launching a new section on YouTube. In short videos of GamblerKey People, the public will be able to express their opinion on important events in the world of the gambling industry. The pilot episode will focus on the hottest topic of 2020 in Ukraine – the legalization of the gambling business. Besides, here you can find more news about gambling in various countries. According to the official data, in December 2019, when the preparation of the scandalous bill just begun, 56% of Ukrainians were against the legalization of gambling in the country. After the president signed the law in August 2020 and transferred the gambling business to the legal field, the number of opponents of the initiative grew to a record 75%. To what extent do these figures reflect reality? To see the real picture, GamblerKey took to the streets of Kyiv and talked to people about the painful issue. The results were unpredictable for both our partners and us. We will not spoil – just watch the GamblerKey People video and share your opinion in the comments. Dear readers, the video is in Russian. Read more: Legality of gambling in Europe Read more: Main predictions about the American iGaming industry

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